Safety in the mountains

Piedmonts mountains provide evocative experiences unique to their alpine environments. It is here that the forces of nature provide visitors with a tangible understanding of their power. Through the seasons the scenery shifts from the depth of summer green to the warmth of russet autumn fading to the starkness of a snow white winter and finally full circle again to burst with the brilliance of multi-colour spring. It is impossible to take in the beauty of the glaciers, mountains, lakes and valleys, without reflecting on the harmonious relationship between man and nature. We hope that in some small way, the information we provide helps inspire you to explore these wondrous terrains in a safe and ecologically respectful way.


The Alps have been around for about million years and they represent a natural environment in which the forces of nature can be extreme. In order to get the best from Piedmont's mountain landscapes it is important to choose the right way to tackle them.  If you plan to be walking, hiking, climbing or participating in any other mountain sports or activities, do not substitute this web site for experience and training, recognise your limitations. By respecting the forces of nature and taking sensible precautions you can keep safe and enjoy what is one of the most awe inspiring environments on this planet. 

Mountains are dangerous places. We supply all information on this web site in good faith and readers understand we accept no responsibility for what you do in the mountains - be careful - be safe.

Basic Equipment

Whether you are walking alone or walking with a group you should always carry some basic equipment. Consider the following as a minimum:

Make you visit a sensible one

It does not matter which country or countryside you are in, please always follow the guidelines below:

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