Vecchio Podere Santa Cristiana as it is now know has been in existence since the mid 1800's. On most detailed maps of the area it is referred to as Cascina Roba. Traditional farmhouses are typically named for the family that lives in them, and thus we can see that the Roba family have a historic link to our farmhouse. In fact the surname is quite common in Castelnuovo Belbo and surrounding area, along with surnames such as Conta and Pesche.

The origonal layout of the house was typically Piemontese Cascina (farmhouse) with living quarters, barn and cantina incorporated into one long fairly narrow building.

It was also usual for the farm to be more than one family dwelling, so there may be more than one set of living quarters and entrance per farmhouse. The picture below shows the frontage of the farm in 1990 before the previous owner commenced major structural change. You can see barn space to the left and two clearly seperate entrances that we beleive to have previously been seperate family dwellings. (Note barn space is integral to the main structure of the house, the lean to structure at the left side is a later addition)

Now for some before and after pictures. The earlier pictures are courtesy of Gino Munaron, the previous owner who started on the major restoration of the farmhouse. The origonal modifications were as a single family dwelling, our modifications have moved the use to include the B&B and apartment space and major external changes.


Looking from the boundary of the house "garden" down the private road and out through the vineyards The same view today (agricutural garage in view)
previous owners Gino & Mini above the property and very new vineyards a similar viewpoint of the house and now very mature vineyards (alps in background)
Construction of new garaging, cantina and 2nd floor space at the far end of the farm
New garaging visible on right of picture
The farm before remodelling
Farm now has new veranda, walled and paved compound and gates with pool to right
View as you approach the farm from the road from Castelnuove Belbo The approach view to the house now includes the 11x5 metre pool, the walls and gates to the secure compound and guest parking
Front of farm during early remodelling, note upstairs "barn" being converted to part of upstairs living space.We still use the cingallo (tractor) on a daily basis on the vineyard Today this area houses the two self catering apartments

If you are thiniking of buying a property in Piedmont, or renevating a property here we now have a wealth of experience in what to do and what not to do , and who to use for best results. We are happy to discuss our experiences with guests staying with us at Vecchio Podere Santa Cristiana. See some house hunting advice here.

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