Things to do and see in Piedmont (Piemonte), Italy

Visit wine festivals - local producers will demonstrate their wines

Visit wine festivals

After all this is the heart of winemaking in Italy, how could you possibly miss the oportunity to visit a wine festival? Believe me there will be plenty of opporunities too!

During the spring, summer and autumn each weekend boasts at least one wine festival, every village and town proudly hosts its own festival and not surprisingly wine is central to all of these events. This is the opportunity to meet the local producers, all of whom will support their own village events, taste the wine and local produce. We have discovered some amzing wines visiting the more obscure small events (in fact that is how we started on importing wines into the UK).

The more organised events will likely sell you a wine glass and glass carrier that fits over your neck (not expensive) after which each exhibitor and stand will be delighted to fill your glass and tell you about the wine you are tasting. This is great fun and very educational, but beware - agree who is the nominated driver first.

Amongst the major wine events in the region is Cantina Aperti (literally open day for cantina's) where many throw open their doors and provide guided tours of their whole facility. In 2006 some of the more adverterous ones were giving guided tours of theit vineyards by pony and trap. This is an opportunity to see inside the more elusive or exclusive producers. Major towns (Canelli, Asti, Nizza Monferrato, Alba and Acqui Terme for example) have a series of events through the year often coupled with food and wine tastings and cantina open days.

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Here at Vecchio Podere Santa Cristiana we try to keep track of all these events and will advise our guests of which festivals are taking place during their stay.

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